Wednesday, 28 September 2011

How does Nicole Ritchie look so good.. going to the gym

How the hell does Nicole Ritchie look so good as she leaves the Tracy Anderson gym in La today? Most of us don't look this good after two hours of hard graft getting ourselves ready for a night out. Just another reason to be envious of her perfect life.. Jealous even? me no.. That's why I've bought two Winter Kate cat suits and a pair of House of Harlow earrings.. now all I need is a personal training session from Tracy Anderson and we're almost the same person. Sorry, that was weird.

So, here's how you get the look..

THE Burberry Jacket
This jacket is sold out so I've given you a few more purse friendly options, the most luxurious and lust worthy is first..
Balmain from Barneys

LOT 78 Jacket leather jacket

Sara Berman jacket
Sykes Silk T-shirt


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